Avocados, Ashes

Somewhere among her pseudo-authoritative, ripeness-testing avocado squeezes, Lyla* spied a harried woman dashing amid the produce section, sporting square, masculine-leaning glasses and coarse, black hair that came to rest past her shoulder blades. She also had dirt on her forehead. ‘Geez, girl,’ Lyla thought, ‘easy on the mascara.’

Only it wasn’t mascara, she realized a micro-moment later. It was ashes.

I forgot it was Ash Wednesday. And I was a little horrified. And sometimes, my life creeps into those of my characters.’

That is all.

I forgot Ash Wednesday — and I call myself a Catholic?

*Characters’ names have been changed to maintain the surprise when the final product is ready!

2 thoughts on “Avocados, Ashes

  1. I’m feeling much more pumped to write these days, Linda, so I hope I’ll have more to share! Thanks for checking in.

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