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Huff Post: Marathon Monday

Possessing a Boston Marathon medal earns you celebrity status in my hometown. I’m not talking Ben Affleck or Matt Damon cachet — it’s bigger than that. Having trained for, endured, and finished the Boston Marathon gets you major admiration throughout town. When people find out I ran “the” marathon — for to us, there is … Continue reading

Lotsa Boogers

When I read a novel, nothing irritates me more than an author’s overuse of a unique word. To illustrate: in a work of only 250 pages, a multisyllabic S.A.T. word like “obstreperous” need only make a single appearance to leave a lasting impression. Any more, and it just seems ostentatious … or sloppy. We get … Continue reading

Avocados, Ashes

Somewhere among her pseudo-authoritative, ripeness-testing avocado squeezes, Lyla* spied a harried woman dashing amid the produce section, sporting square, masculine-leaning glasses and coarse, black hair that came to rest past her shoulder blades. She also had dirt on her forehead. ‘Geez, girl,’ Lyla thought, ‘easy on the mascara.’ Only it wasn’t mascara, she realized a … Continue reading

Smiling Puppy

“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” — George Orwell Fear not, dear blog readers (all five of you — Hi, Mum!); the … Continue reading

Huff Post: Saying “No”

Fancy titleC-level exposureBig salary Heavy influence Impressive contacts Reach assignments World travel… on a private jet All of these opportunities were mine and I said, “No.” You read that right. I passed it up – and not for conventional reasons. This is an excerpt from my latest piece in The Huffington Post: THE THIRD METRIC, titled: Success is the Power … Continue reading